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Open Mic Night

OM_flyer-smOpen Mic Nights are a collaboration between community partners to give young people a venue to express artistic spoken-word work. We try to host three in the fall and three in the spring. They are open to the public and all forms of entertainment are welcome, tadalafil all content is for general audiences. Contact the office of Blair Karsch at 317-875-5815 if you would like to host an Open Mic event. We are always looking for new locations both locally and across the country.

It’s a new year and which means new opportunities for you to express yourself! “Mr. Blair” and the On Your Level Youth Project have put together a very ambitious schedule for Spring, 2012. Please mark your calendar with the dates above and also tag them on FaceBook.

Invite your friends, family, teachers, and classmates to this awesome opportunity! Come early and sign up; this is an open-stage event. Seating is limited but many get involved and the energy in the room elevates as each speaker takes the stage!

About Open Mic Night

Where do we begin? The Open Mic Night hosted by Blair Karsch started in October of 1995. Karsch, a self-published poet plays host to the evening and brings young and old in to perform. Open Mic Nights usually take place on the second Saturday of every month. The more recent Open Mic Nights have taken place at the Starbucks Coffee in the Willow Lake West Shopping Center, however, we will try to switch coffee houses every few months to reach a broader audience.

Anyone and everyone who is interested in music and/or poetry are invited to attend. The night is filled with poetry performed by kids and adults, mixed in with musical performances by local singers and bands.


The first few Open Mic Nights have had attendance of over sixty young people and adults to the Starbucks Coffee across from Brebuf Jesuit High School.

“We’ve had a really good turnout,” Karsch said. “We hope to change the location to reach people who cannot get all the way up to the Northside to attend this event.”

The Open Mic Night is free to everyone.

For more information, contact our office at 317-875-5815 or write to the address provided in “Contact Us”.