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The Book, “Bigger Than Cool”

Motivational and Inspirational Thought Provoking Poetry

viagra helvetica; font-size: small;”>This book is just a small part of my non-stop, multi-faceted, multi-subject stream-of-consciousness style. Look for new poems, a new book and many sources of poetry and information to come. –BK, 2007



The Book, A Message from the Author

Blair A. Karsch

art_aboutblairpicThis book is just a small part of my non-stop, nulti-faceted, nulti-subject stream-of-conciousness style. Look for new poems, a new book and many sources of poetry and information to come. –BK, 2007

Bigger Than Cool is designed primarily for youth, but adults will also enjoy reading it. I feel that this book is very much on target with what today’s youth are experiencing and that it should be made available to students through schools, social, and religious organizations. The subjects are plentiful, and I’ve worked to provide positivism and perspective as my central themes. An adult book is coming that not so lightly addresses socio-economic issues and their effects on marriage, teens, role models, public education, and politics.


Bigger Than Cool is a book with poems from several notebooks of poetry that I’ve written over many years. I hope that you enjoy the poems, as much as I did writing them. I have put some poems from Bigger Than Cool on my Web site. You can access them, by clicking on the ‘Poetry Cafe’ option. Thank you very much for visiting, and again, I hope that you enjoy Bigger Than Cool.






Editor’s Note: Bigger Than Cool: Motivational and Inspirational Thought Provoking Poetry is a collection of more than 500 poems written by Blair Adam Karsch. The book covers topics such as learning to family to race relations

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. Mixed in is poems that the teens of today can relate to.

For more information on Bigger Than Cool, you can contact the author at blair@blairkarsch.com.