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Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

By on Nov 30, 2013 in In The News | 0 comments

Blair Karsch, a substitute teacher, has created “On Your Level,” a television show that will be put on major cable networks soon at around 8 p.m. He has been taping Wednesdays after school in the carpeted cafeteria and about 20 people attend, but “they all seem to be white and regular… We need to mix it up,” said Karsch. He is sending the tapes to JEL to be edited and have graphics put in.

Karsch said, “I want to try to find corporate sponsorship and especially find a director that makes us look super polished and hopefully pick me or the concept up.”

The problem of not having a diverse enough audience he tried to fix by meeting in Kathleen White’s study hall two weeks ago; ten kids agreed to be in it, while many watched. He talked with the kids and had those who wanted to be in move to the front where the camera could see them. Karsch then started discussion to start a topic, in this case, it was gangs and drugs. The general idea was the kids are growing up too quick and Karsch tries to provide answers and insights. The song “Cop Killer” by Ice T was brought up, and Karsch explained how they have the right to publish the song under the First Amendment and the students tried to think of ways to see how these “bad images” are publicized in songs and the media.

Karsch has filmed shows at various other places also such as Borders bookstore. He concentrates on all teens, not just North Central students. For one show he had five students from Washington Township, five from IPS and five from Carmel. During the shows he tells the students not to mention North Central because he doesn’t want to let the audience know where it is; he wants the audience to think these are just regular teenage kids.

The shows are being filmed because Karsch, “see(s) the kids crying out for more; so I have to use the current media to take advantage of these kids and how they are feeling. I want to be the Ricki Lake for teens except with a positive images.” He has contacted Comcast, American, Jones and several other cable companies. The shows will be airing on their private channels soon according to Karsch.