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To Mr. Blair Karsch
From: Art Linkletter

March 28, 1994

Dear Blair:

I enjoyed reading your letter and seeing your handsome visage. You have made a start on a career and I can understand your driving ambitions since I went through the same stages when I was dying for a chance to exhibit my talents. However, I must tell you that my schedule makes it impossible for me to do more than handle my own affairs. The usual thing to do is to recommend an agent to you, but I do not know any. I have never used one, and always acted on my own. And I am not in the business of handling talent in any way, so I regret to tell you that you have approached the wrong person. All I can do is encourage you to keep knocking on doors and volunteering for anything that will get you on a stage or in front of a microphone; because no matter what the talent is, it’s the resume of experience that counts in this business.

Good luck to you… and be after those experiences and get them wherever you can,